Welcome to the new section of our website…the HRL Blog! We’re so excited to finally launch this idea and are hoping to use this platform to bring some great content to our readers.

This blog will feature a variety of material, including articles written by Coach Michael that pertain to optimizing training. We’re brainstorming ideas including goal setting, seasonal planning, specificity of training, race preparation, development of solid race plan, execution of your race plan, and time management strategies. We’d love to expand on any of these ideas so please leave feedback if there are topics you’d like to see covered on the blog.

We’re looking forward to using this space for race reporting as well. One of the best ways runners can prepare for their own upcoming races is to ask what other runners have done to succeed at the same race. A race report is a great way to relay a race experience including pros and cons of preparation and execution. We’re excited to hand the blog ropes over to other runners for guest posts on their race experiences.

As HRL continues to grow, we’ve been looking for ways to highlight our athletes’ successes beyond the limitations of social media. We’ve been blessed to coach athletes that are thoroughly dedicated to their progress and we love to feature all the amazing things they’ve been doing on the new blog.

The blog will also contain gear reviews. The running community is famously inundated with the next best shoe, bottle, vest, gel, sport drink, etc. We’ll do our best to navigate through the gear and provide an unbiased, honest opinion of what’s working for us and what isn’t.

We’re always open to suggestions and would love feedback. Please leave your comments below.

Much Aloha