Personal Coaching

Hawaii Running Lab was established to provide high level personalized coaching for runners of all ages and abilities. Each runner’s body, mind and lifestyle present unique gifts and challenges. Hawaii Running Lab’s approach is to consider these traits when building a personalized plan to achieve short, medium and long term goals set by the athlete under the guidance of Coach Michael Garrison, Ph.D. In addition to training and workout specific coaching, Michael can teach you how to manage hydration, electrolyte balance and caloric intake to optimize performance and prevent the dreaded “bonking” during runs or races.

I Got This!

  • 4 weeks = $145
  • 8 weeks = $165
  • 12 weeks = $185
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    This customized written is designed for the independent runner who needs help reaching their race goals.

    There is no additional coaching associated with this plan.

Let’s Talk!

  • $220/1st 4 week plan
  • $190/every 4 week plan after first 4 weeks
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    This customized written plan also features unlimited communication with Coach Michael.

    Ideal for the runner who is looking for hands on coaching.

Let’s Meet!

  • $80/hour
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    When face-to-face time is needed to keep you on track, Coach Michael is available to take you on a run, help with track workouts and general coaching advice.

The “I Got This!” plan is designed for the independent runner who needs a written personalized plan to prepare them for their next race or races. There is no additional coaching associated with this plan, however additional coaching is always available with the “Let’s Meet” option. This plan will be delivered in full regardless of weeks selected within one week of completed questionnaire and processed payment.

The “Let’s Talk!” plan provides the same personalized plan as above, but includes unlimited communication via email, text, phone, FaceTime/Skype and carrier pigeon. This is ideal for runners who want additional support and flexibility with their plan. This plan will be delivered in 4 week blocks in order to ensure adequate adjustments are made based on athlete progress.

All new clients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding your running background, fitness, and aspirations when you sign up for your first 4 week package. Please fill this out as completely as possible so the plan can be tailored to your specific needs. All plans will be delivered within 1 week of completed questionnaire (new clients only) and receipt of processed payment.

The “Let’s Meet!” option allows for in-person meetings beyond what is outlined in the plans. Meeting possibilities include

  • joining you for a run or workout
  • providing feedback on a workout
  • training and race-specific advice
  • goal-setting workshops
  • coach-to-coach development

All “Let’s Meet” options are conducted either on FaceTime/Skype or in person on Oahu. Coach Michael is available to travel abroad for coaching and consulting with adequate notice and fees/expenses paid for by the client.