Tell us a little about yourself…

I was born on Oahu in Kailua. At the age of 2 my parents had a great idea to move to Kansas where I grew up. Luckily grandparents and aunts and uncles lived in Hawaii so this was also vacation. I lived in Wichita KS most of my life and met my wife, Audra in high school. After high school I went to Wichita State, go Shocks!, where I graduated with a criminal justice degree. (a very expensive piece of paper that I don’t use). Audra and I moved to Fort Collins CO for her work in 2012. We live in Fort Collins for 5 years, loved the outdoor lifestyle Colorado offers. Our first son Remi was born in Fort Collins in August of 2016. We then had the opportunity to move back to Oahu in 2017 and have been here since. I work for E Noa Corporation, as the director of sales. E Noa Corporation own’s E Noa tours and Waikiki Trolley. In our spare time we enjoy hitting the beach, parks and love being outside. We have our second son due end of February 2019.

How long have you been running?

I come from a running family. My grandpa raised 8 kids here on Oahu, in Kaimuki, and they used to do family marathons together. WIth that said I was not a huge runner growing up. I did play soccer and so had to run for games and practice. I got into recreational running in college for exercise around 15 years ago.

Please list your favorite races and PR’s

I am a 5K guy for the most part. I like it short and sweet. let’s get it done. PR would be 20:41 for a 5K Wichita KS, can’t seem to get under that 20:00 mark.

What are your 2019 Racing plans and running goals?

Sub 20:00 5K!

Any “bucket list” races?

I always thought a 4 man relay between bars / restaurants would be fun. (whos in?)

What is your average weekly mileage?


What is your favorite workout?

Hot yoga or a nice run

Favorite pre-race/post-race foods

Pre race – nice and light, peanut butter and a banana (don’t forget some coffee) Post race – cold beer for afternoon races, iced coffee morning races

What is the piece of running gear/food/drink that you cannot go without?


What is your favorite running moment or running quote?

Asking my 90 year old grandpa how they ran marathons with out music. Response “easy we didn’t have any other choice” good answer…

Describe your running before HRL and after

Before – trying to follow some plans off of running websites, probably spending all my time in the “gray zone” as the running lab has taught me.
After – I have a plan now that I can look at and execute. Easy when I know what to do everyday.

Why does training with Hawaii Running Lab work for you?

I need a plan and it also helps that because I pay for the plan so I have skin in the game. Helps with getting up and getting in my runs before work.

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