Athlete Profile: Jeff Snyder

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How long have you been running?

I’ve been running since high school with the occasional race but nothing with any structure or real focus.  I got “serious” about running in 2009 and started running more consistently.

Please list your favorite races and PR’s

Favorite races: Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, Quicksilver 100K, HURT 100, Ironman AZ, Honu 70.3 IM, Marine Corps Marathon,

PRs: Marathon PR 2:59:12

100K PR 12:20:23

100M  PR 33:54:36

50K PR 4:40:59

Half Marathon PR  1:26:47

Great Aloha Run PR 49:52

Ironman 70.3 6:01:00

Ironman 140.6 11:56:23

What are your 2017 Racing plans and running goals?

Completed HURT 100 JAN2017

HURT Trail Series

Peacock 5O

Ragnar Trail Relay – North Shore Oahu

Run consistent and healthy – Work on speed and distance

Any “bucket list” races?

Western States Endurance Race 100

Squamish 50/50

What is your average weekly mileage?

50-70 miles

What is your favorite workout?

I don’t really have a favorite workout.  I will say that I enjoy the training process and the journey.  The grind of the day to day building myself up to be able to compete in an event.   That is why I always try and race happy and with a smile on my face because I have worked so hard to get to this moment to showcase all my hardwork and preparation.

Favorite pre-race/post-race foods


Skratch Labs Cookies or a peanut butter sandwich

During race:

Bacon or spam musubi

Carne Asada burrito

What is the piece of running gear/food/drink that you cannot go without?

Injinji socks – I have been wearing injinji toesocks since I was introduced to them in 2000.  By far the best socks.  I’ve never had foot issues.

Skratch Labs – Hydration mix / cookies / fruit drops / endurance recovery mix

I’ve been a Skratch Labs Taste Agent for 4 years.  Their products have been a real difference maker for me and competing in endurance events

What is your favorite running moment or running quote?

I have a few favorite quotes

Gary Robbins, HURT 100 Record Holder, “Talk yourself INTO things.”

David Goggins, Prior SEAL endurance athlete, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

Tom Hanks from “A League of Their Own” – “It is supposed to be hard.  If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it.  Hard is what makes it Great.”

Describe your running before HRL and after

Before running with HRL I was very unstructured and unfocused.  I wouldn’t have a plan and wouldn’t do any cross training or strength training.

Since running with HRL my running has more structure and focus.  My running is more aligned to my goals and what I want to achieve through running.  I’ve incorporated strength and yoga to ensure I stay healthy to run

Why does training with Hawaii Running Lab work for you?

Working with HRL works for me because Dr. Garrison is a proven coach with experience getting the most out of athletes.  It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete / Olympian or a mid to back of the pack Age Grouper, he is committed to help you if you are committed to put in the work to achieve your goals.  His methods are not fads and are based on proven techniques and results.

I love the camaraderie and positive energy of HRL and its ever growing Ohana.  Everyone is very supportive and encouraging because we all are just trying to be beter versions of ourselves.

Do you have an Instagram/twitter handle that you would like us to include with your profile?

IG:  @snydley_whiplash

Twitter:  @SNYDER_JEFF