Athlete Profile: Frank Obie

2017-04-16T13:53:06+00:00 April 16th, 2017|HRL Athletes|

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am an 35 year old African American male. I have been in the Army for 16 years and I love to run. I also am a pretty good swimmer and I love to ride bikes. Me and my wife Adrian have been married for 16 years and we have two kids our son Darius who is 15 years of age and our daughter Asia who is 9. I have always liked to run I remember my mom taking me to the track at an early age she was worried that I would get tired as I ran around the track. After about 12 laps we knew I liked distance running.

How long have you been running?

I have been running for about 20 years. I ran cross country in high school then I joined the military in September 1999 and the Army requires you to run so that part of the military is a win win situation for me.

Please list your favorite races and PR’s

My favorite races are the Hapalua and Hibiscus Half Marathons. The HMSA 30K and the Honolulu Marathon. I PRd the Honolulu Marathon I ran 3:14 I am on pace to run faster than that this year.

What are your 2017 Racing plans and running goals?

My racing goals are to try to be in the top 10 runners every race that I compete in this year. Another goal is to get stronger and be a more consistent runner.

Any “bucket list” races?

My bucket list races are to run in the Walt Disney and Boston Marathon. I would also like to compete in some races longer than full marathon mileage.

What is your average weekly mileage?

My average mileage is 38-44 miles a week.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workouts are long endurance runs and track workouts. I feel that the track workouts every week help my speed even though they hurt sometimes I know that the workouts are good for me.

Favorite pre-race/post-race foods

My favorite pre-race foods are rice peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or oatmeal post-race I like to have some red meat like steak or some good pasta like shrimp alfredo. I am also a fan of a good beef or chicken stir fry.

What is the piece of running gear/food/drink that you cannot go without?

I can’t go without my Oakley sunglasses even if it is not sunny I like to have the option to wear them or not you never know when the sun is going to appear out of nowhere during a race. I also love swiftwick military running socks these socks are the only ones that feel good on my feet and I never get blisters. If the race is over 10 miles I like to have my pouch packed with performance gels.

What is your favorite running moment or running quote?

My favorite running moment is seeing my family at the finish line of a full marathon. Another one of my favorite moments is seeing myself get better and faster throughout the year. Vigorous work and being persistent really pays off in the end.

Describe your running before HRL and after.

Before HRL I was a decent runner. I was consistent with my workouts but a couple of key essential things were missing that limited my ability to become a stronger runner, but ever since I joined HRL I am above average and continuing to get faster and stronger every race.  I look forward to competing every race because the outcome is always good.

Why does training with Hawaii Running Lab work for you?

It works for me because I get the results I am looking for as long as I am disciplined. I know I have the best coach in the world. I will continue to work with my coach even if we have some shortfalls I trust him and the process.

Anything else that you would like to add?

Michael Garrison is a great coach he has the perfect personality to work with all types of runners. He not only has the coaching experience and education but Michael connects with runners in a way that no other coach can he is very smart and knows how to get the best out of every athlete that he coaches. I am glad to be one of Michaels students this journey has been great for me.